Sunday, July 10, 2005


TdF Stage 9: Armstrong Yields Yellow...for Now.

"AU REVOIR" TO THE YELLOW JERSEY. Lance Armstrong and the Discovery Channel team worked well together all day to control the pace of the peloton after permitting a few escapees to gun for a moment of glory. Mickael Rasmussen of Denmark brokeaway near the start and stayed clear all day to win the stage; he solidified his hold on the Polka-dot Jersey. Armstrong yielded the Yellow Jersey to German Jens Voigt and a a handful of seconds to Frenchman Christophe Moreau; the Texan is in now in third place...and in the catbird's seat.

LULL BEFORE THE STORM. Monday is a rest day. In this case it may well be the lull before the storm. What follows are 10 days of intense climbing in both the Alps and Pyrenees.

I'd been meaning to comment for a while - a friend sent me a link to your post on Lance's War - completely spot on, and a fine bit of writing.

In any case, this is great stuff.
Thanks, Jank.
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